Black Glass Sushiset, Sushivariation von Kevin Fehling, Restaurant The Table

The art of sushi

Asian food culture has spread like a gentle tsunami in the modern societies of the western world. On this wave of culinary globalization, sushi and sashimi are representative of modern metropolitan lifestyle cuisine.
The Japanese art of reducing to the essentials creates delicious, aesthetically pleasing delicacies – symbols of a sensual way of life.
To have in the spirit of this culture we designed a sushi set. A sushi crockery, puristic and of timeless elegance! Handcrafted from black glass, a precious, rare material.
The design of the sushi set follows the Japanese art of reducing to the essentials: The shapely piece of jewelry is a perfect Sushi platter for exquisite sushi or sashimi enjoyment. A worthy setting for the presentation of Japanese food culture. Pre-cooled, the absolutely non-porous, hand-cut precious glass keeps the desired temperature for a long time, keeping the Japanese delicacies fresh.